09 March 2009

My (Fortunately Small) Collection of Kitch

The Mosque Clock forms the centre piece of my kitch collection. The first clock that I saw was gift that a teacher-friend had received from her pupils in Kuwait. When I saw it, I had to get one of my own so we went to the souk to get it. The alarm is the call to prayer and still gives me the fright of my life when it goes off unexpectedly...
One evening I brought it out for a dinner party. Most of the guests were dismissive of it until the alarm went off. [Listen here] Once our heart rates had returned to normal they gave it the appreciation that it deserves.

This is the latest addition to my collection. Friends who know about my collection mentioned that a friend of theirs had found the duck and given it to their significant other as an anniversary present (ducks have a special meaning in their relationship). When I heard about it, I asked her to see if she could find me one - and she did :) So now I have a punk duck in my collection. It doesn't have a name. Any suggestions?

This is the last of my collection. It was a gift from a friend who shares my fascination with kitch. Unfortunately battery acid corroded the leads, so I cannot play the sound-effects for you, but it used to flush and play a "happy song" when the lid was lifted.


Bouquets & Brickbats said...

I'd call the punk duck Quack Vicious

Kim said...

Awesome name - I laughed so much when I saw your comment! Thank you.