30 June 2009

A Birthday Invite

Come one, Come all
Bring your hat short or tall

To the house near the fall

If a hat you have not got

Bring a scarf in a knot

and join us 'round the cooking pot

Bring a smile, sing a song

You won't have to wait that long

To join the happy throng

Of friends and family near and; far

Who congregate around the bar

When the sun is high

In the winter sky

Festivities will begin on the

21st of July

At no 5 Ludgate Hill

So join us at the kill

Of which there will be plenty

To celebrate Kim turning 1 and 20

We would like to have heard

By July 3rd

If you accept or decline

So please drop us a line

I wrote this for my 21st birthday invites (which was many moons ago) and thought I'd share it with you. Reading this, I must really start writing poetry again.
Graphic from www.dailyclipart.net

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