24 August 2009

North Korea, Vietnam and China - The Communist Tour

With a great deal of difficulty I have managed to pick out a handful of pictures that show the highlights of my recent travels to North Korea, Vietnam and China. Enjoy the pictures and watch this space for more stories from my travels.

A collage of images from the trip

North Korean Flags

Statue of Kim Il Sung overlooking Kaesong

Delicious Korean Food

Airang - A spectacular exhibition that is beyond words. Think Olympics Opening Ceremony

South Korea is Behind that Door, Panmunjom

Gate of Supreme Harmony, Beijing

Forbidden City, Beijing

Junk in Halong Bay, Vietnam

Den Ngoc Son, Hoam Kiem Lake, Hanoi, Vietnam

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Shannon O'D said...

Can't wait to hear more about the Olympics - that must have just been spectacular!

SA Expats said...

This will be interesting!

Laura | The Journal of Cultural Conversation said...

Kim - I love these pictures! Thanks for sharing with us and look forward to hearing more!

Kim said...

@ Shannon: Airang was spectacular - nearly a cast of 100,000 and an entire industry... more to come

@ SA Expats & Laura: I'm looking forward to sharing it, but the problem is what to leave out.

Flying Fish said...

What perfect timing to be there and catch the big event. They may be impoverished but they still know how to put on a good show. Great stuff - thanks for sharing Kim!!!

THE GUYS said...

What an adventure!! Thanks for sharing your pics.

Amy @ The Q Family said...

Can't wait to hear more about your trip.