14 December 2009

Bagpipes, Men in Kilts and Haggis - Are You Sure We're in Singapore?

I was lucky enough to attend the 175th Anniversary of the Feast of St Andrew which was held recently in Singapore. It was an evening full of ladies looking elegant in their ball gowns, men wearing kilts or black tie, pipers, poetry in scottish brogues and lots of dancing.

  The Gurkha Contingent Pipes and Drums Platoon with backing lyrics supplied by table 7
  The fare included Haggis, Neeps (turnips) and Taties (potatoes) flavoured with a generous splash of Scotch 
  And the dancing went on until 3am

The evening closed out with the singing of God Save the Queen, Auld Lang Syne and Majulah Singapura - the Singapore National Anthem (which I am going to have to learn for next year's bash) It was a stunning evening and we all had an amazing time.  The tropical heat was probably the only clue that we were not in Scotland!


Shannon OD said...

How strange and fun all at the same time that they would go to those lengths to celebrate! Did you eat the haggis?!

Kim said...

Shannon, It is fairly typical of an expatriate community to maintain as much of their home culture as possible and NOT to get to know the culture in which they live (other than to moan "that it is not like home"). Fortunately this is becoming less and less of a trend, but it is still great to have the same celebrations that you would do at home to remind you of your roots.
(and yes, I did eat the haggis)