11 August 2013

A Wedding in Enugu, Nigeria

I am currently in Nigeria, working in Enugu, the state capital of Enugu state – or the coal state – around 200kms north of Port Harcourt and was pleasantly surprised on Saturday around midday to find that there was a wedding celebration going on at the hotel I am staying at. On a previous visit to Nigeria I’d arrived at my hotel to find it full of people- notably the women – brightly bedecked in the beautiful dresses and headdresses that make up their formal dress, but I was too embarrassed then to go and ask if I could take pictures. Today, however I did and want to share the pictures with you and a little bit of Nigerian culture in the process.

Thank you very much to Oge and Frank for allowing me to share a part of your special day and I wish you all the best for your future.

For those who want copies of the pictures please click here and then you can download the pictures from the album - use "right click and save as" 

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GODSWILL said...

Great, i witnessed the wedding and it was joyous and a memorable event, this is because the bride(Oge) is my cousin sister.I like your articulated work and post of this eventful day. I am the person you gave your website on the day of the wedding which you typed in my phone, hope you remembered? you snaped me with my sister beside a decorated vehicle.